Monday, 13 May 2013

Across the Pacific, and Then Some

Dear Lynn,

I wish I could be closer to you too. Knitting alone is still great, but it's much more fun with someone who is as mad about knitting as I am. Tom would have to tell us to 'go to bed!', like bad kids staying up too late.

As you head into a glorious summer in Colorado, the temperatures are starting to drop here in New Zealand and winter is creeping up on us. No complaints coming from me though, as we were blessed with an amazing warm and sunny summer and autumn. Maybe winter won't be so cold this time. Besides, as Antarcticans, we aren't allowed to be cold! ha ha!

I am so happy to be starting up Antarctica Knitters with you. This has been something we've thought about for a long time and now it's a reality. I think you and I have lots to share with people about our knitting and our experiences in life. You are right, knit on through all crises! Life is not perfect, but I think knitting gives us the perfect outlet for our creativity: colorful, portable, soft and warm and ultimately functional! 

I like to think that if the world were overtaken by a Zombie apocalypse and we ended up in a small band of humans fighting for survival, that we'd be an important part of the community, madly knitting clothes to keep our fellow companions warm.

Lynn, you have been such an important part of my life and you are a dear friend. I really think you are big part of the knitter I am today. You were there when I made my first sweater and cut my first steek. You were more nervous than I was! It was in the middle of an Antarctic winter, cold and dark 24/7. I had an idea for a great layering cardigan. Even though I'd never knit a sweater before, you encouraged me to give it a try and then stood by and guided me every step of the way. It turned out beautifully!

Right now, I am working on a new pattern for the website, testing it so it turns out great for anyone who knits it. 

And, although I really don't like having lots of projects working at once, I have started a Lacy Suede Poncho, a free pattern in Lion's Brand suede yarn, Moonshadow (unfortunately discontinued, but you can still get it on eBay). Did you know ponchos are back IN?

And every morning, when I wander in to the kitchen for a cuppa tea, I pass this...
...and it brings me great joy. I can't wait to unite this box of yarn with my stash at home. 

I LOVE your new hat idea in Noro! I can't wait to give it a try. I've got a few ideas cooking up in my brain as well. Not enough time in a day, is there?

Love, Christine

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