Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hats and Socks

Dear Christine,

You HAVE been busy!  What an extraordinary idea to knit the Celtic design with color instead of texture.  When you said Celtic in your email, I imagined cables and knots bubbling up and twisting around the hat.  I am so impressed with your use of color work to create the beautiful Celtic designs you've done on the hats instead of the traditional method.  Way to think outside the box.  I am in love with the orange and navy beauty.  Gorgeous.  Will we see a pattern soon?  I hope so. I want to knit one for myself.

Your Frozen Frontier Flashback Friday (4F) photos are so fun.  I enjoyed your photos from McMurdo Station which brought back memories of seasons in the past. You have not aged a bit in 15 years.  Isn't it fun to look back on previous years and see how much the station has changed?

I have been busy too, and the hats just keep flying off the needles.  I'm still concentrating on using up the stash yarn.

I made this yesterday by adapting a chart from The Swedish Mitten Book, a sweet little book by Inger and Ingrid Gottfridsson. It's not in print anymore but I found a copy at my local thrift store and it's packed full of charts.
It's that time of year again for knitting socks.  I finished one, and am still working on the hexagon socks.
Second sock-itis has set in. I'm trying to make myself cast on the second sock. 
Remember the 'egg carton' scraps?  The hat is finished and blocked.  Now for a name for this little cap. 
I weaved in the ends and blocked this hat too which you've seen before.  I'm going to line this one and maybe the others too. 

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