Friday, 9 August 2013


Hey Lynn! It's Frozen Frontier Flashback Friday!

As you know, right now, at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, there are over a hundred people who haven't seen the sun in four months. The polar sunrise is imminent. It is always a time of year filled with anticipation when the light starts to creep back into the sky and the promise of sunshine is just around the corner.

Here are some photos from my experience of that time of the year about 10-12 years ago.

First of all, the Nacreous Clouds. Aren't they spectacular? For those that don't know, Nacreous clouds (or 'Polar Stratospheric Clouds') are formed from gases way up in the stratosphere and when it gets cold enough, they freeze and crystallize. When the approaching sun hits them, they light up like a torch, and display pearlescent colors of the rainbow. It's the only place in the world they appear and so it is very special to see them.
Here's a photo of me, pale after a long winter, waiting and hoping to catch a glimpse of the sun.
There was a big group of us that traveled to the highest spot we could, in hopes we'd see a glimmer over the horizon.
And then there's the moment...the moment when once again, sunlight hits your eyes. It's magical! You know what I mean by that.
 I remember seeing shadows again and how enchanting that was.
This is a hat I knitted a while back, paying homage to Nacreous Clouds. This pattern will be in Antarctica Knitters upcoming book of hats (due to be completed in 2014). That colorway of Noro worked perfectly for the changing, pearlescent colors of the clouds.
Other than that, I've been traveling...and knitting. I finished this Dancing Adelie's hat in greens and gold that is a commission. It still needs a tassle.

And currently, I'm working on another Dancing Adelies hat in fall colors of orange, red, gold and deep brown. This hat looks good in so many colors.
I knitted most of it while driving to the southern New Zealand city of Dunedin. Ha! That makes it sound like I was knitting while driving...nope! Antz was driving...I would never knit and drive. Too dangerous! Same as texting. Anyway, Dunedin is an amazing city, full of old buildings, statues, gardens and seaside charm. View from our hotel.
Well, as usual, I feel as if my blog post is too long. Maybe I should slow down my knitting? Well, that's a crazy idea if I ever heard one.

What's happening on your needles?
Love and hugs, Christine

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  1. Your photos and hats are gorgeous as usual. I especially love the green adelie hat. I love this time of year on the Ice. It's full of promise and LIGHT!


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