Friday, 16 August 2013

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Hi Lynn!
How's it all going? Has autumn started to creep into the air where you are? Spring has shown it's first tentative promise here in the southern hemisphere. As soon as you see the Daffies, you know it's just around the corner.
On the knitting front, I've finished a couple of hats. This one I particularly love, it's the Dancing Adelies hat (again!), but in a warm, autumn color scheme. The penguins almost look black here, but they aren't; they are dark, dark brown. This is my new favorite color of Cascade 220, color #9465, 'Vashon Island.' It's the perfect dark neutral that looks amazing with so many colors. The rest of the hat is a combination of C220 and Noro Kureyon.
I also completed a commission for my sister-in-law, Christine (her name is also Christine Powell...there are actually three in the!). She wanted dark blue, red, black, with perhaps silver or white. This hat is an interesting take on those colors, more in the subtle range rather than the straightforward range, and for a while, I wasn't sure I liked the end result. But, I think it's a nice looking hat, and knowing her coloring and personality, I think it could be perfect for her. The verdict is still (slightly) out on it and I may have to put some french knots on it in a more vibrant red. We'll see. Here it is soaking for blocking...
And the finished hat...
It fits well and looks so much better on (as all hats do!). She will be wearing it to keep her head warm while working on her dairy farm, so it has to fit right and be comfortable. My husband told me, having been raised on a farm, NOT to put a tassle on it..."it will get in the way if she's wearing a rain jacket with a hood." So no tassle. But I found this luscious fabric to line it with...
It's a stretch poly crushed velvet. Ah luxury!

So, if I know you, you will have something on the needles, about two to three projects lined up in your head, and be busy doing the multitude of cool stuff that you do on a daily spinning classes. Enjoy the end of your summer and talk to you soon!
Love, Christine

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