Saturday, 6 July 2013

Egg Carton Scrap Knitting

Hi Christine,

It's the 4th of July weekend here in the States.  Hopefully, you celebrated with our expat friends there in New Zealand.  I hope you are staying warm and cozy in your winter.  I am melting in this Southwestern heat wave.

Hat knitting is practically an addiction for me and yesterday morning we were in a hurry to get on the road for our long drive to Boulder. I desperately grabbed the first thing I saw on my way out the door, an egg carton filled with scraps of (mostly) Cascade and Noro yarn. Once in the car I thought I'd made a terrible mistake but what could I do? KNIT!  So, while hubby drove, I knitted.  

Surprisingly, the colorway is not horrible and my hat knitting addiction was satisfied as we drove over the Rockies and watched the gorgeous scenery.

This is the stash buster summer, (I've noticed) and it's very satisfying to get more organized by knitting up bits and pieces laying around. It's great to create usable items.

I love your scrap buster hat, a newly posted pattern for sale on our website.

Happy Knitting!

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